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  • BIOGENIX M3 Creatine Tri-Creatine Malate 30 - 300 Monster Caps

    BIOGENIX M3 Creatine Tri-Creatine Malate 30 - 300 Monster Caps

    Super-soluble Creatine Salt

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    Creatine is one of the most effective allowed anabolic and ergogenic preparations. It is quite common among diet supplements. Unfortunately, however, it rather poorly penetrates the muscles. That's why, for some time already, work has been conducted on developing creatine forms that would be better utilised by the muscle tissue. The improvement of creatine absorption is just half of the success as the creatine is just a precursor of anabolically and ergogenically active phosphocreatine. Thus, the increased level of creatine in the muscle cells, however important, is not as important for the development of exercising ability and muscle mass as the speed of the synthesis and level of phosphocreatine. That's why science nowadays focuses on the search for creatine forms both better distributed to the muscle tissue and more effective in stimulating the synthesis of phosphocreatine.

    Tricreatine malate, a molecule coupling the creatine particle with the malate particle, turned out to be a very effective result of this research.

    Tricreatine malate dissolves in water a lot better than monohydrate and the solubility has key significance for the absorption process, as the body can collect from the digestive system only that which is in a dissolved state.

    The molecules of the malate itself belong to the chemical group of carboxylic hydroacids, which have the ability to stimulate insulin - a hormone responsible for the transport of creatine to the muscles during the resting metabolism. At the same time, malate belongs to glucose metabolites - facilitating the collection of creatine by the muscle cells in the exercising and post-exercising metabolism.

    The body can obtain 38 particles of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) from the burning of 1 glucose mole, capable of synthesis from creatine of the same number of particles of anabolically and ergogenically active phosphocreatine. As many as 36 (approx. 83%) of these 38 particles are created as a result of the activity of malate molecules. Out of this pool, 30 particles are created with simultaneous participation of pyrogroniane and 24 with the participation of citrate …. These figures best illustrate the advantage of creatine malate over any other, through the very valuable and conjugated forms - citrate and creatine pyrogroniane

    Given the above it should be recognised that creatine malate is at present the form of creatine which is the best absorbed and strongest stimulating the synthesis of anabolically and ergogenically active phosphocreatine, which is an excellent choice for creatine supplementation both during the resting and post-exercising metabolism!

    Tricreatine malate is dedicated for physically active individuals and professional sportsmen as a substance increasing exercising ability and facilitating growth of muscle strength and mass.

    Each capsule of Biogenix M3 Creatine delivers 700 mg of highest quality tricreatine malate.

    Ingredients: tricreatine malate, magnesium stearate-flow agent, gelatine - capsule casing.


    Nutrition value

    1 capsule

    Tricreatine malate

    1050 mg

    Recommended use: 5-6 capsules 3-4 times per day - before breakfast, after training and before sleep, taken with at least 1 glass of water minimum.
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